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A suggestion: When buying books that cover GNU software projects, buy Free Software Foundation publications. They are very good and you will be supporting the GNU project in a very direct manner. Others publish books on GNU software, and much of it is good, but these books do not benefit the FSF directly.

In my opinion, the overall best computer and technical books are those of Addison-Wesley; they have issued some of the all time classics. For solid old time Unix books Prentice Hall is hard to beat. Prentice seems to have captured the Bell Labs guys early on. O'Reilly and Associates is a mixed bag; no books of the quality of the best of Addison-Wesley or Prentice Hall and many dogs. O'Reilly is more trendy—sometimes churning out half-ass-ed texts that seem to be rushed to market. A case in point is O'Reilly's “Practical PostgreSQL”.


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