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Burning CDROMs


  mkisofs - for creating an ISO9660 file system and populating it.

  El Torito boot image - to make the CD bootable.

  cdrecord - for burning data CDROMs


  o To find which device cd burner is hooked to:

    cdrecord -scanbus

    Later, cdrecord will use this information to burn the CD.

  o Make stuff into an iso9660 file.

    mkisofs -l [-J] -r -f -o isofilename stuff_directory

  o Check the iso file you just made for truncated filenames and that
    all the files and directories are there using the following

    mount isofilename /MOUNTPOINT -o loop

      ls -l /MOUNTPOINT (check it out)

    umount /MOUNTPOINT

  o Burn the CDROM.

    cdrecord [speed=8] -v dev=0,1,0 isofilename

      Other options to cdrecord:


  o Obtain an El Torito boot image. Tom's root boot is one source.

  o To find which device cd burner is hooked to:

    cdrecord -scanbus

    This information will be used later by cdrecord when burning.

  o Create a working directory for all the stuff--including the
    bootable floppy image--you plan to put on the CD; call this
    directory "stuffdir" for the sake of the following instruction.

  o Create the iso file from the working directory:

    mkisofs -l [-J] -r -f -o isofilename -b eltorito_image stuffdir

  o Burn CDROM:

    cdrecord -v dev=0,1,0 isofilename

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