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This is a collection of stuff, reflecting some of my interests. Hopefully, you may find something useful or entertaining.

This site is meant to be low bandwidth except where the content is really lame. In those cases some bells and whistles are thrown in to distract from the lack of real content. If you see an example of Macromedia Flash, for example, you can safely assume that my brain quit functioning and there is nothing to see here; so, move along. To a lesser extent this applies to java applets and javascript. However, since http is a stateless protocol it may become necessary to resort to some client side stuff. Only so much can be done from the server side.

The section about computer stuff mostly concerns Linux, FreeBSD, or Unix and is a little long in the tooth. It is also concerned with working from the command line. So be aware that it may not suit your way of working. The Unicode Chart Generator may be an old C program of mine but it can be very helpful if you need that kind of information. Enjoy.

This site is written using SSI, XHTML 1.0, and CSS 2.1. It has been checked using Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, Galeon, and more recently, Safari; furthermore, every page is run through W3C's HTML and CSS validators. You will also find that it takes advantage of two CSS media types, “screen” and “print”. That means that what you see in your browser is somewhat different than what you get if you print the page while using a CSS compliant browser. (The print version of the U.S. Constitution is currently FUBAR; hopefully, I'll get around to fixing it soon. Well, not so soon it seems. People like to talk about the Constitution, but few actually read it. So, there's no hurry.) See W3C for more information.

Note to Internet Explorer users.

Note: Information contained in brackets is usually information that needs more checking, notes to myself, or “to does”.

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